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No prior experience is required to get started.



Overview: This course will help you define problems, algorithms, and processes for extracting non obvious and useful patterns from large data sets. It will also help you learn about the fields of Machine Learning, Data Analytics, and Data Mining.

This program is for Graduates, Working professional, Students.


  • Data Life Cycle
  • Statistics & Probability
  • Machine Learning, etc.



Overview: This course aids in mastering your skillset to create professional websites. The prime learning will focus on web page creation and scripting client/server side code.

This program is for Graduates, Working professional, Students.


  • CSS
  • HTML
  • JAVASCRIPT, etc.



Overview: We empower our learners to design professional Android apps using Java. The central motive is to master the strategic process of defining, designing, building and launching a successful mobile app.

This program is for Graduates, Working professional, Students.


  • Java
  • Android, etc.



Overview: This training is intended for beginners to intermediate enthusiasts prepared to develop expertise in implementing testing techniques and tools for the progress of projects.

This program is for Graduates, Working professional, Students.


  • Manual Testing
  • Types of testing
  • Selinuim (webdriver), etc.



Overview: Become a successful salesperson by learning what it takes to attract customers and close sales. This course will cover all the aspects of sales from scratch and you will learn about the different lifecycles involved in the entire sales process.

This program is for Graduates, Working professional, Students.


  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Nurture
  • Deal Closure, etc



Overview: This course will boost up your career in digital marketing by transforming you into a complete digital marketer. This course will give you an in-depth understanding and advanced knowledge of all the important digital marketing domains and includes real-time projects for gaining domain experience.

This program is for Graduates, Working professional, Students.


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Email Marketing, etc



Overview: This training offers an overview about the management of the workforce and culture of an organisation. Moreover, this aids to the ability to acquire skills needed to run an establishment from the managerial viewpoint.

This program is for Graduates, working professional and students can benefit from this training.


  • HR plan and process
  • HR management
  • Behavioural skills, etc.



Overview: This training assists in building up your professional skills and employability. Additionally, it helps in continual development of emotional intelligence, effective communication and quality of life which elevate overall personality

This program is for Freshers or working professionals who are ready to uplift their personality.


  • Interview Preparation
  • Resume making
  • Group discussion, etc.



Overview: This training helps the youngsters to be skillful in creating 3D models focusing on the physical layout of the design. Furthermore, this aids the children to enhance their spatial intelligence as well as develop the mathematical representation of the models.

This program is for Youngsters within the age group of 8 – 10 who are ready to get addicted to tinkering.


  • TinkerCAD
  • Constructive solid geometry
  •  Spatial training, etc.

Field Experts as Trainers

Nexential provides experienced and accomplished professionals to guide the trainees in an effective manner. Be trained with our experts who have in-depth knowledge on various subjects.


Nexential Solutions provide live classes for the training courses offered to strengthen the connection between the learners and experts. Additionally, our trainers mentor the step by step learning process to enhance the improvement of the aspirant.

Interview Preparation

Nexential Solutions provide interview strategies for the successful employability of the job aspirants. We also accommodate soft skills training to enhance emotional intelligence and professional skills.

Affordable Course Fees

We believe that anything free of cost would not be valued enough, thus we have put together a fee structure which is affordable to sky rocket one’s career.

Hands-on Live Projects

Nexential imparts hands-on training with live projects on a one-to-one assistance to bridge the learning gap by industrial exposure. Additionally, we accommodate assignments and assessments for the growth the trainee.

Get Certified

We award certification after the successful completion of the courses and training offered.